Resumee / CV

VFX-Supervisor at Blickfang Media GmbH

Januar 2020


Senior Designer at Sky Deutschland

August 2014


Head of Creaturedesign at BigHug FX

September 2012 – Juliy 2014

BigHug FX is focused on on Highend Featurefilm- and Commercial-Productions

Working on Mara und der Feuerbrnger – Featurefilm,

duration: till now 10 month

team: ca. 25  2D and 3D Designer

– Creature-Desghn, Charcter Modellng and texturing, Motion Graphics, VFX,  3D Generalist

software: Maya, Houdini, Aftereffects, Nuke, Zbrush

Working on Mercur – Cinema-Commercilas

duration: till now 1 1/2 month

as Lead-3D-Artist and VFX-Producer

team: 6  2D and 3D Artists


3D-Artst and Shareholder at Centipede-Effects

September 2012 -till now

Centipede-Effects is focused on on digtale Madia-Productions at all levels

Working on Bernd Das Brot, differnt Jobs for Welt der Wunder

team: ca. 6  2D and 3D Designer

– Creature-Desghn, Charcter Modellng and texturing, Motion Graphics, VFX,  3D Generalist

software: Maya, Aftereffects, Zbrush


Motion-Designer at SKY-Deutschland

August 2011 – September 2012

Sky is focused on on Air Motio-Grafphics

duration: 13  month

team: ca. 30  2D and 3D Designer

– Motion Graphics, VFX,  3D Generalist

Working on Sky Comercilas and Motion-Graphics

software: Maya, Cinema 4D, Aftereffects, Nuke, Zbrush


Senior Modelling-, Fur-, Feather-Artist at D-Facto-Motion

March 2011 – Juli 2011

D-Facto-Motion is focused on vfx and color-grading for Film and TV at Bavaria Film

working on Nils Holgersson (TV-Featurefilm in 4 Parts)

duration: 5  month

team: ca. 35

– modelling, texturing,sulpting, Fur and Feather- Creation and Renderdevelopment with 3dLight

software: Maya, Zbrush, Shave&haircut, 3dLight


Modelling-and Concept-artist at Insane4Frame

Februar 2011

Insane4Frame is focused on VFX for Comercials and Featurefilm

Working on Xperia

duration:  1 month

team: 5-6

– modelling, drawing Conzeptarts (35 Space-Crafts and 9 Plasmagun-Designs)

software: Pen, Maya, Zbrush


Senior Modelling & Texturing-Artist at Digitale

September 2010

Digitale is a Company which focus on production with digital Character and Character-Animation

Working on Game-Characters for Zoobestars (Game)

duration:  1 month

team: 1

– modelling, textureing

software: Maya, Zbrush


Senior 3D Artist and Comp.-Artist at Circles & Lines

October 2007 to October 2009

Circles and Lines rised out of the legendary H5B5 film and tv-production from 1997 till 2002.

The company focused on vfx for featurefilm and tv, 3D visualisation, motion capture and massiv.

working on Berlin 36 Featurefilm. Project Partner: CA Scanline

duration: 3 months

team: 6 unto 7

-lead modelling and texturing 16 base characters, props and plenty textur-variations


-software development for 3D Texturing and Textur-Backing

working on several Danone Comercials

– modelling, animation, particle-simulation

working on Kuka-Robots “Motionride”

duration: 2 weeks

team: 1 unto 4

-modeling, texturing, shading of props and location-elements

-re-modeling parts of the hero-characters (original was out of an CAD – converted Mesh)

working on WDWip Web-TV show-opener and packages

duration: 2 months

team: 2 unto 3

-concept and storyboarding

-lead 3d modelling, animation, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering

-all compositing

working on MAN-Imagefilm “250 Years MAN“

duration: 2 months

team: 5

-modelling, previs

working on Mc Donalds Panini-Comercial

duration: 3 weeks

team: 4

-modelling and texturing a lot of massiv-characters

working on Juice Fruit Imgefilm

duration: 2 weeks

team: 3

-modelling highres fruits



working on JobXL-TV-Magazine in cooperation with the Employment Center

duration: 3 days

team: 1

– 3d animation

– compositing

working on Welt der Wunder Science-TV-Magazine

day to day business

duartion: from one day up to one month

team: normaly alone, the bigger ones up to 3 artists

-complete 3d visualisations

-complete vfx for real footage

software: Maya 2009, XSI 7, Nuke 5, Shake NT, zBrush 3.1 , Photoshop CS 3


Cloth-TD at Trixter

April 2007 – Juli 2007

Trixter is one of the biggest Animation Studio for 2d and cgi movies in Germany

working on the Full CG Feture Film “The Dragon Hunters“. Project Partner: Mc Guff

duration: 3 Months

cloth team: 3

-development for integration of the french Cloth-Rigg into the german pipeline

-development of artist-friendly managing and tweeking tools

-syflex-cloth simulation and tweeking

software: Maya 7.0 on linux Suse, Syflex,


3d Artist and Fur-TD at Infinite Vision

February 2007 – March 2007

Infinite Vision is a 3d company with focus on vfx for Film and TV productions in munich

working on “Nutcase“, a Shortfilm for RWE power company

duration: 2 months

team: 5

-fur -styling, -rigging, -simulation, -lighting, -rendering

-prop-modelling, character-rigging, character-animation


software: Maya 8.0, Shave&Haircut 4.1


Fur/Hair- Artist at CA Scanline

December 2005 – February 2007

CA ScanlineVFX is one of the biggest vfx companies in Germany

working on the Full CG Feature Film “Lissi and the wild Emperor“

duration: 15 months

prduction-staff: 90+

clothteam 4

-styling of 21 Haircuts (duration ½ year)

-prop and location modelling

-previs animation

software: Maya 7.0, Shave&Haircut 3.5


3D Artist at Südlich-t VFX/3D-Studio

July 2005 – September 2005

Südlich-t is focused on VFX for TV Comercials

working on Baldriparan TV Comercial

duration: 1 1/2 week

team: 4

-Animation of some sheeps

working on Alessi Freshsurfer

duration: 2  weeks

team: 4

-modeling the Alessi freshsurfer and packshot

working on four Rubikcube-Animations

duration: 2  weeks

team: 2

-modelling the Rubic Cube

-animation and texturing of live-videos

working on Pro 7 Starforce

duration: 2  weeks

team: 3 onto 4

-modelling different props

-texturing and rendering a sugarcube

-uv-unwrapping and texturing a leather coat

software: Maya 6, Photoshop


3D Artist at Avirtico GmbH

November 2005

Avirtico is a Company which focus on Virtual Studio and Realtime-CG

working on visualisation for Hartmann Trash-Sanitation

duration: 2 days

team: 2

-animation, shading, rendering

software: Vizartist


3D Animator at D-Facto-Motion- GmbH

March 2005 – May 2005

D-Facto-Motion is focused on vfx and color-grading for Film and TV at Bavaria Film

working on Evolution Room an interactive Motion Capture Show

duration: 1 ½  month

team: 4

-modelling, texturing and skinning of human characters

-rigging in motionbuilder for motioncapture realtime control and realtime faceanimation

software: Maya 6, Motionbuilder 5


3D Artist at Avirtico GmbH

April 2005

Avirtico is an Company which focus  is Virtual Studio and Realtime-CG

working on Galileo Spezial Science Magazine

duration: 3 days

team: 4

-modelling of  organic vital parts

software: Maya 5 on MacOSX, Photoshop


3D Artist at Rupa Design

Februar 2005

Rupa Design is a design-studio for Print advertisment

working on Feuer Hex, print-advertisement

duration: 6 days

team: 2

-modelling, skinning, shading and posing charcters

software: Maya 5


3D Artist at Lizardlounge

Februar 2005

Lizardlounge is an vfx-studio focused on tv and web comercials

working for “Bayern 3“ Logoanimation

duration: 2 days

team: 2

-logomodelling and softbody-simulation

software: Maya 5


3D Artist, at Bavaria Film Ineractive

juli 1999 – september 2004

Bavaria Film Interactive had a Postproduction and a Virtual Studio

duration: 4 years

staff: 90+ ,

team: 8+

working for BFI Postproduktion

– about a dozend comercials for EMM (Emi-Music-Media)

-comercial for Antenne Bayern kino-comercial

-different effectshots for plenty imagemovies

-DWK and WDW messe-animationen

working for BFI Virual Studio

-Visartist-Operator for live TV Magazines (Quer/Via)

-Visartis-Operator for TV Magazines (RBG/SAP/Fleischliche Genüsse/Hollywood Cinema/Noe Astro/History)

-making Magazine openers and packages for different tv-magazines

software: Maya 3-4 on MacOSX, Flame/Flint, Vizartist, Sherpa, Photoshop



1999  half year laboratory at Second Unit Services Postproduction

software: Inferno